The year 1999 marked a significant turning point for BACCARA as Cristina Sevilla joined the famous duo, injecting her unique talents and energy into the group. With Cristina's addition, BACCARA embarked on an exciting new chapter, and during this phase of their formation, they poured their creativity into the creation of two remarkable albums: "Baccara 2000" and "Soy Tu Venus." These albums showcased the duo's versatility, blending captivating melodies with their signature harmonies and enchanting audiences worldwide.


In 2009, María Mendiola, the visionary creator and ideologue of BACCARA, recognized Cristina's immense potential and chose her to be her musical partner. This union proved to be a fortuitous decision as their musical synergy and chemistry on stage were undeniable. From that moment onwards, Cristina and María carried the name BACCARA together, captivating fans with their dynamic performances and carrying forward the legacy of the beloved duo.


In 2017, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of BACCARA's original formation, and to commemorate this milestone, the duo released the heartfelt album "I Belong To Your Heart." This album not only showcased their growth as artists but also served as a testament to the enduring appeal of their music, resonating with both longtime fans and new listeners alike.


The year 2021 brought another exciting development for BACCARA as they prepared to release a highly anticipated new single. Adding to the excitement, they collaborated with the renowned Scottish DJ George Bowie, known as "GBX," on a special version of their timeless hit "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie." This collaboration was a celebration of the European Championships for the Scottish soccer team, infusing their music with the electrifying energy of the tournament. The fact that "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" holds the prestigious title of being the seventh best-selling single of all time is a testament to its timeless appeal and the enduring popularity of BACCARA's music.


Tragedy struck in 2021 with the passing of María Mendiola, leaving Cristina Sevilla faced with a difficult decision. However, driven by her deep love and respect for María's legacy, Cristina bravely chose to carry on as the driving force of BACCARA. With unwavering determination, she took on the responsibility of honoring María's memory and preserving the essence of BACCARA's music, ensuring that their magical harmonies and captivating performances would continue to enchant audiences around the world.


On January 26, 2022, BACCARA made an official announcement that introduced the world to their new partner, Helen De Quiroga. Helen's exceptional talent and extensive experience in the music industry made her the perfect addition to the duo. Having studied at the prestigious School of Dramatic Art in Malaga, Helen's artistic journey encompassed collaborations with renowned artists such as Miguel Bosé and Alejandro Sanz. She also enchanted audiences on the theatrical stage, lending her captivating voice to iconic musicals like "Cats" and "The Magic of Broadway." Additionally, her talent found a home in the world of animation, as she lent her voice to beloved Disney films like "The Little Mermaid" and "The Lion King." With Helen's remarkable vocal abilities and artistic prowess, BACCARA found a new dimension to explore in their music.


The year 2022 was a whirlwind of activity for BACCARA, with a series of exhilarating concerts and performances in various notable locations. They graced the stage in Seville, captivating the audience with a special performance in collaboration with the renowned fashion house Christian Dior. Their infectious energy and magnetic stage presence also lit up the Madrid Pride celebrations on the iconic Plaza de España Stage, spreading love and acceptance through their music. Their international reach extended beyond Spain, as they mesmerized audiences in locations as diverse as London, Scotland, and Estonia, showcasing their universal appeal and cementing their status as global music icons.


As September 2022 arrived, the anticipation for BACCARA's next musical offering reached a fever pitch. The esteemed "Team 33" label unveiled the release of their highly awaited single, "Don't Let This Feeling Go Away." This song encapsulated the essence of BACCARA's music, capturing the hearts of listeners and inviting them into a world of emotional resonance and pure joy. With each note and lyric, BACCARA proved once again their ability to create timeless music that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul.


With Cristina Sevilla and Helen De Quiroga at the helm, BACCARA embraced the future while cherishing the past. They remained committed to carrying on María Mendiola's legacy, ensuring that her spirit lived on through their music. BACCARA's journey was not merely a musical endeavor; it was a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and create everlasting memories. As they continued to write their story, BACCARA remained a beacon of musical brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of fans worldwide.