"BACCARA is my life..." - Maria Mendiola.


Everyone who met Maria always speaks warmly of her. She was a wonderful person, a great friend, always thinking of others, always listening to others, always advising, always being. In addition to her many qualities, we can mention her great talent, wonderful voice, elegance and complete professionalism in everything she undertook. Maria Mendiola was the initiator of the creation of one of the most popular duets from the 1970s to today - BACCARA.


From an early age, Maria loved to dance, as well as sing. After graduating from school, she performed in the ballet of the Spanish TV station RTVE, where after a while Maria dreamed of creating a duet, being famous, recording songs and signing autographs. In 1977, her dream became a reality when, during one of Maria and her partner performances on the Spanish island of Fuertaventura, they were spotted by the manager of the RCA music label, who offered them a trip to Germany to record an album. Maria was delighted, and soon thereafter they traveled to Hamburg to make recordings.

Their first song was the band's most popular hit from the time of recording until today, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie." The song became an instant hit, did not leave the top of the charts in many countries for several weeks, sold more than 16 million copies and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength. As a professional dancer, Maria choreographed every song. In addition to the group, Maria also appeared in many Spanish musicals performing choreography and singing, she also gave performances in Madrid theaters, and was fluent in languages such as English, German and Russian.


"For me, Maria is a truly special person, even though I have never met her in person. She brings so much joy with every photo or video I see. Every opportunity to reminisce about Maria with different people is an amazing experience, and I feel immense gratitude when someone wants to share these experiences with me.

Everyone remembers Maria as best they can, her big heart, her concern for others, her great sense of humor, her complete professionalism and, of course, the huge smile that accompanied her throughout her life. For me, Maria, you will always remain unforgettable. Some part of your energy will always be in our hearts, your fans and friends. Thank you for everything you have created, it is truly a great pleasure to have such a wonderful image of such an extraordinary person. The memory of you will remain eternal, and every memory is a great treasure." - Bartek.


Two little known, but in my opinion beautiful pictures from the 2007 concert.


This part of the article was decided to be completed by my dear friend, Trinity.


„Maria Mendiola la blanca de Baccara, the one who is an angel person who has in my heart, even now that she somewhere in paradise she still the one who represent the beauty of Baccara even before the duo formed, her talent as a dancer mostly flamenco had already shown in some of her archives in RTVE as a prima ballerina (the chief female dancer). She is not just talented in dance but also in languages that she spoke differently like Spanish (her native) English, German, Russian and maybe even more!

I love Maria the way she moves her personality as a human person, you can see that she is happy and fulfilled in her life, even though many things happened in her life still we see the positive, she didn't it make through to her age of 70s but i guess the destiny declares 69 is enough with pain and joyful memories that she been breakthrough... 
If she is alive right now and see her in person i would hug her tightly and say i love you, nd you inspired me a lot, i will do anything just for a moment, but then now we will just treasure the memories that she had and think them precious like a gold.”




To conclude the whole article, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite and at the same time most beautiful songs by Maria Mendiola from the period of her solo recordings, the song comes from Maria's only album from 1981 entitled "Born Again", and the song is "The Time Of Your Life (El Momento De Tu Vida)"...